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Drama 1h 29m 2019
Calm with Horses
Drama 1h 41m 2020
Boiling Point
Drama, Thriller 1h 35m 2022
Drama 1h 33m 2019
Ali & Ava
Drama 1h 35m 2021
Drama 1h 38m 2019
Hard Eight
Crime, Drama 1h 42m 1996
Biography, Drama, Romance 2h 3m 2002
Drama 1h 42m 2022
Eve's Bayou
Drama 1h 49m 1997


Comedy 13m 2019
Interviewing Dad
Documentary 18m 2023
Ireland’s Last Matchmaker
Documentary 17m 2021
Letter to Lia
Documentary 14m 2022
The Curzon Project
Documentary 16m 2018
Becoming Cherrie
Documentary 11m 2019


Girls Girls Girls
Romance 1h 41m 2022
Drama 1h 31m 2021
Le Mépris
Drama, Romance 1h 42m 1963
Belle de Jour
Drama 1h 41m 1968
Another Round (Druk)
Comedy, Drama 1h 56m 2021
Drama, Thriller 1h 48m 2021
Infernal Affairs
Action, Crime, Drama 1h 41m 2002
Amores Perros
Drama, Thriller 2h 34m 2001


Johnny Guitar
Drama, Western 1h 50m 1954
The Driver
Action, Crime, Thriller 1h 31m 1978
The Third Man
Film-Noir, Mystery, Thriller 1h 33m 1949
Mulholland Dr.
Drama, Mystery, Thriller 2h 27m 2002
Don't Look Now
Drama, Mystery, Thriller 1h 50m 1973
Sunset Boulevard
Drama, Film Noir 1h 50m 1950
Comedy, Drama, Musical 2h 40m 1975
Harold and Maude
Comedy, Drama, Romance 1h 31m 1971
Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Sci-Fi 1h 38m 1968
Drugstore Cowboy
Crime, Drama 1h 41m 1989

John T. Davis Collection

Shellshock Rock
Documentary, Music 47m 1979
Protex Hurrah
Documentary, Music 11m 1980
Self Conscious Over You
Documentary, Music 39m 1980
Dust on the Bible
Documentary 52m 1989
Power in the Blood
Documentary, Music 1h 16m 1989
Heart on the Line
Documentary, Music 1h 1m 1990
Documentary 1h 33m 1991
The Uncle Jack
Documentary 1h 18m 1996
Documentary 1h 24m 2000
Documentary 1h 26m 2009
Following the Iron Compass
Documentary 12m 2014
John T. Davis: His Own Trail
Documentary 1h 2m 2015


I Am Belfast
Documentary 1h 24m 2015
Varda by Agnès
Biography, Documentary 1h 55m 2019
Documentary 1h 19m 2018
Amazing Grace
Documentary 1h 28m 2018
Crock of Gold: A Few Rounds with Shane MacGowan
Biography, Documentary 2h 4m 2020
Finding Jack Charlton
Documentary 1h 30m 2020
Kurt Vonnegut: Unstuck In Time
Documentary 2h 6m 2022
I Am Not Your Negro
Documentary 1h 33m 2017
Grizzly Man
Biography, Documentary 1h 43m 2005


Nick Carlisle - End of Terrain
Music 4m 2023
Amazing Grace
Documentary 1h 28m 2018
Crock of Gold: A Few Rounds with Shane MacGowan
Biography, Documentary 2h 4m 2020
HREAM: A Documentary About Doug Hream Blunt
Documentary, Music 49m 2020
Lean Logic - Dissonant Beings
Music 4m 2021
Up Next
Documentary, Music 20m 2019
Fantastic Man: A Film About William Onyeabor
Documentary, Music 31m 2014
Lean Logic - Conditional Love
Music 6m 2021
Lean Logic - Living Beings Pt.2
Music 5m 2021
Lean Logic - Mother Machine
Music 5m 2021
Lean Logic - Safe in a Dream
Music 5m 2020
Down With Jazz
Documentary, Music 12m 2017

Horror & Sci-Fi

You Are Not My Mother
Drama, Horror 1h 33m 2022
The Host
Action, Drama, Horror, Sci-Fi 2h 0m 2006
Saint Maud
Drama, Horror, Mystery 1h 23m 2021
Flash Gordon
Action, Adventure, Science Fiction 1h 52m 1980
Drama, Horror 1h 29m 2020
Phase IV
Horror, Science Fiction, Thriller 1h 24m 1974

The Seamus Heaney Centre

In Conversation: Jane Hirshfield & Nick Laird
Poetry 1h 12m 2023
Book Launch: Dance Move by Wendy Erskine
Literature 37m 2022
Book Launch: Cheryl’s Destinies by Stephen Sexton
Literature, Poetry 30m 2021
Meet the Fellows: Enda Walsh
Theatre 58m 2021
In Conversation: Louise Nealon & Glenn Patterson
Literature 54m 2021
Seamus Heaney First Collection Poetry Prize 2021
Poetry 34m 2021
A Unique Silence: Poems of the Ulster Museum
Poetry, Animation, AI 30m 2021
In Conversation: Dominic West & Michael West
Masterclass 1h 15m 2021
Meet the Fellows: Oliver Jeffers
Literature, Art 57m 2021
In Conversation: Sam Thompson & Kelly McCaughrain
Literature 55m 2021
In Conversation: Louise Kennedy & Lucy Caldwell
Literature 1h 5m 2021
The Honest Ulsterman Revisited: a lecture by Professor Frank Ormsby
Poetry 53m 2021
In Conversation: Billy Collins & Nick Laird
Poetry 59m 2021
In Conversation: Marian Keyes & Louise Kennedy
Literature 54m 2021
In Conversation: Anne Carson & Robert Currie with Nick Laird
Poetry 53m 2021
In Conversation: Lenny Abrahamson & Michael West
Masterclass 1h 14m 2021
In Conversation: Terrance Hayes & Nick Laird
Poetry 1h 3m 2021
In Conversation: Caoilinn Hughes & Garrett Carr
Literature 51m 2020
In Conversation: Sharon Olds & Nick Laird
Poetry 1h 7m 2020
In Conversation: Susannah Dickey & Glenn Patterson
Literature 53m 2020
The Lifeboat: Two Readings by Kevin Breathnach & Leontia Flynn
Poetry 21m 2020
In Conversation: Catherine Heaney & Glenn Patterson
Poetry, Film 21m 2020
Seamus Heaney First Collection Poetry Prize 2020
Poetry 36m 2020
Changing Views - Virtual Pamphlet Launch
Poetry, Visual Art 26m 2020
The Seamus Heaney Centre Presents... HELP!
Poetry, Literature, Music 40m 2020