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Lean Logic - Mother Machine

5m Music 2021

Mother Machine is a song and video by Lean Logic, and the second single to be taken from their album, The Last Mirage.

The project is a collaboration between Queen’s University alumnus Nick Carlisle (Peepholes/Bamboo/Katy And Nick) and Rose Keeler-Schäffeler (Keel Her) which began with Rose offering to remix a Bamboo track, and ended with a completely new project and an album of original songs written with Nick, and recorded during the lockdown of 2020.

Regarding the inspiration for Mother Machine, Rose says: “The lyrics are somewhat about my own observation of the human need for permanence, whether it be online or physical. In the summer of 2020 in the midst of the virus, receiving the gift of time, I felt a lot of joy from observing, accepting, existing, and in some cases not being as aware of my existence at all. I feel like I stopped wanting to be something. The song also touches on the idea of not necessarily fulfilling the maternal route, despite my body telling me, “yes!”. Not really the societal expectations of being a mother, but the primal feelings of wanting to be one versus the anger of being brought into a world of suffering, discrimination, injustice, hypocrisy and greed.”

Nick’s production places Rose’s pristine vocals amongst a blend of ancient ARP synthesisers, Mellotron sax, and more contemporary digital sounds and samples to create a vision of a world on a precipice, the dystopia on our doorstep.

Mother Machine was released in January 2021 on O Genesis Recordings, an independent record label curated by Tim Burgess (The Charlatans). The accompanying collage video was created by DRIFT. artist Nathalia Bruno.


Nathalia Bruno




United Kingdom