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Hello and welcome to QFT Player!

We launched QFT Player in April 2020 when the world changed. Now QFT Player is a core part of our programme offering some of the best shorts, features, documentaries, theatre and literary events to enjoy at home. Some films are part of our permanent catalogue and others are here for a limited time.

How does QFT Player work?

QFT Player is free to join. You only pay for the films that you choose to rent.

To watch a film you will need to create a free QFT Player account, which can be done here.

When you have selected your film, if it is a rental, you will be asked for payment by credit or debit card. Other titles are available to rent for free.

Your film will then be available for you to watch. (Except for pre-sales, when you will need to wait until the film’s opening time.)

There is more information available on:

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If you have any questions about QFT Player, please contact us on