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Lean Logic - Conditional Love

6m Music 2021

Conditional Love is a song and video by Lean Logic, taken from their debut album, The Last Mirage.

Lean Logic is a collaboration between Queen’s University alumnus Nick Carlisle (Peepholes/Bamboo/Katy And Nick) and Rose Keeler-Schäffeler (Keel Her). The Last Mirage was recorded during the lockdown of 2020, and released in May 2021 on Tim Burgess’ O Genesis Recordings.

Rose: “When I moved to Totnes I made a new friend, Claudia, who makes delicious Japanese sweets (Cafe Cloudywaaa), and she was telling me about her digital microscope. I always loved using microscopes at school and I wanted to create a sort of existential feeling with the video, so I thought that seeing small things close up might provide the same sort of “pale blue dot” feeling that Carl Sagan described about a photo of earth taken from a space probe billons of miles away. So she brought her microscope and played the track underneath the items so they moved in time to the music. At one point there was this amazing bit where the last verse of the song coincided with some rose petals which close-up began to look like the inside of a womb and it all sort of slotted into place. Claudia then sent the footage to her friend, Sol, who combined it with other elements and made it into this beautiful and delicate video.”

Nick: “In these days of working to a grid on computer sometimes it’s good to let a song fly off in another direction. Conditional Love features a lot of my ARP Pro Soloist synthesizer from 1974 which is allowed to soar - as it was working that day 😄”

Conditional Love written by Lean Logic. Produced by Nick Carlisle, mastered by Dick Beetham. Video created by Solomon Walter-Kelly, including digital microscope footage shot by Claudia Capocci & Rose Keeler-Schäffeler.




United Kingdom