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Lean Logic - Dissonant Beings

4m Music 2021

QFT presents a short film by Belfast-based computer artist Glenn Marshall, to accompany the song Dissonant Beings by the group Lean Logic.

The film has been created using artificial intelligence and innovative machine learning techniques.

Glenn: “As a computer artist for the last 20 years, I’ve been fascinated by getting the computer to generate art by itself. Rather than using algorithms and random numbers to do this, the computer can now use a trained neural model of human memory and how it stores shapes and colours, so that it can present memories, dreams and visions of the imagination as it would to the human mind. I am now removed almost entirely from the creation of the image - as I am dealing directly with preconceived images stored in human memory and the mind’s perception of beauty and form. For me, as an artist, the more I remove myself from the process, the closer I get to truth.”

Lean Logic is a collaboration between Nick Carlisle (Peepholes/Bamboo/Katy And Nick) and Rose Keeler-Schäffeler (Keel Her). Dissonant Beings is taken from their debut album The Last Mirage, released in May 2021 on Tim Burgess’ label O Genesis Recordings.

Nick: “This track was the last to be finished, and took the longest to take shape, going through many changes. Rose and I had been listening to the Eno/Cale album ‘Wrong Way Up’ around the time of recording and I can hear that come through a little. It is a companion piece to ‘Living Beings Pts. 1 & 2’ off the album, and shares the same heathaze production with overdubbed ARP Pro Soloist and Solina fizzling in the background.”

Rose: “This is a song about not being accepted because of being an autonomous human, and not conforming to society’s views of what you should or should not do.”


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