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Lean Logic - Safe in a Dream

5m Music 2020

Safe in a Dream (Extended Version)

The project is a collaboration between Queen’s University alumnus Nick Carlisle (Peepholes/Bamboo/Katy And Nick) and Rose Keeler-Schäffeler (Keel Her) which began with Rose offering to remix a Bamboo track, and ended with a completely new project and an album of original songs written with Nick, and recorded during the lockdown of 2020.

The pairing takes its “Lean Logic” name from cultural historian and environmentalist David Fleming’s handbook for the future, which also informs many of the lyrical themes on the album “The Last Mirage”. Other sources of inspiration include dreams and the supernatural, mental health, selfish capitalism, philosophy, and the books of Noah Yuval Harari & Erich Fromm.

The single Safe in a Dream evokes dystopian childhood nightmares (the real world) versus psychedelic calming dreams (the river/the unconscious mind); being in nature alone, with no phone. The accompanying surreal video, screening here in an extended version, was filmed on the River Dart, Dartington (Devon).

Safe in a Dream was released in September 2020 on O Genesis Recordings, an independent record label curated by Tim Burgess (The Charlatans).


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